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Tigris Girl The breeding ground for Gratitude - Tigris Girl

The breeding ground for Gratitude

We live in a world where most of what we do is in the pursuit of happiness. Some people find happiness in love, money, friendships, books, traveling etc.   In the movie The Pursuit of Happiness, Will Smith is looking to build a better life for himself and his child.  I love that movie, Will is the man.

The most popular form of seeking happiness is through obtaining more “things”.  The more “things” we have the more happy we are!  Believe me I work at a shoe store, the more shoes I have the happier I become.  However, thats only until I see the next seasons’ shoes and then want those.

Dr. Emmons is the worlds leading scientific professor on gratitude (what an absolute legend) wrote this in an article;

“Materialism, though, is bought at a cost. A society that feels entitled to what it receives does not adequately express gratitude. Seen through the lens of buying and selling, relationship as well as things are viewed as disposable, and gratitude cannot survive this materialistic onslaught. The lack of gratitude is contagious, and is passed from one generation to the next.

Conversely, the act of gratitude is also viral and has been found to greatly and positively influence not just relationships, but one’s own emotional status.”

I love that he says that gratitude can be viral and can positively influence ones own emotional status! How cool is that?

Have you ever met those people who are seriously always happy.  The worst things could be going on in their life yet, in the midst of it all they are still grateful.  I love those people and I strive to be one.

You’re emotions breed themselves.  So if you’re angry or disappointed that will continue to harvest within yourself.  I know I want to be a person that breeds gratitude, an unrelenting thankfulness for the gift of life and all the flavours that come with it.

So here is my challenge…


You can do that by…

  • Buying someone a coffee
  • Keeping a gratitude journal – every morning or night write 3-10 things you are grateful for
  • Writing cards to influential people in your life

There are so many things you could do!

Last week, I picked flowers from my garden and wrote a card for two great woman in my life.  In the cards I simply wrote “because I don’t say it enough, thank you”.

In my life pursuit I want to see after breeding gratitude, a quality that I will not loose interest in when the next seasons fashion changes, but something that will stregthen my character and help me to become the woman I can be.






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