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Hey Babes!

Spring has sprung, the weathers is absolutely gorgeous, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and summer is fast approaching.  Has anyone else noticed a trend with Spring though?  When I was in college every spring at least 10 cupels would appear out of no where! One minute you’re sitting outside with your girlfriend, singing Beyonce just the single ladies, next min she’s dating old mate.  WHAT?! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

I remember one spring while I was in Sydney over 25 people started relationships or got engaged.  25 couples.  50 people.  That’s almost my entire town of Ilderton (where I live)!

But before you start a relationship with someone, you need to think about your value.  I know so many girls who place their value in what their man thinks about them, that when this guy treats them poorly they just accept it and forgive them.  I’m all about forgiveness ALWAYS and you should ALWAYS forgive people no matter the situation, but forgiveness doesn’t mean that you have to stay with him.

Whenever someone asks me about dating I tell them that it’s not about two halves making a whole, it’s about two whole people coming together.   You can’t expect your significant other to make you a whole person, only you can make you a whole person.  And if you’re hoping that will happen, maybe you’re not quite ready for a relationship yet.

I’ve actually never been in a relationship before.  But I’ve observed and learned a lot from relationships based upon my friends and family.  Two of my all time ever favourite couples are my best friend Ingvild and her boyfriend Matt and my sister Brittany and her husband Jordan.  These couples are made for each other and it has seriously been a blessing watching these women walk through their relationships.

Being absolutely confident in who you are will only bring strength to your relationship, the same goes for him.  You must respect, appreciate, value and be loyal in your relationship always wanting the best for one another.

I encourage you to write down you’re 3 core values in life, and then look for someone who completely matches those.

Also, take this quiz, it’s about your love language, how you give and receive love.  It will be insightful and give you a better understanding of your expectations when in a relationship.



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