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Tigris Girl Spring Cleaning - Tigris Girl

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my closet, organizing and looking through all my clothes (of which I have way to many).  I was thinking about what new clothes I want for summer/ spring and which clothes I should get rid of.  I know most of you can agree with what I’m about to say, but I have a hard time getting rid of clothes!  I just think “maybe an event will come when I will want to wear it”, “I’ll keep it just in case”.  Even though I didn’t wear that sweater all season or even last year, I haven’t worn it in 3 years but I’ll keep it just in case.
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Like the sweaters that loom in the back of your closet are the comments and actions people make towards us.  We are constantly looking for people’s approval, for their acknowledgements and we wear their comments like clothes.  When people compliment us it’s like wearing a dress you know you look great in.   When people insult us we feel very exposed, wearing less clothes that are bad quality and uncomfortable.
When I was in high school people used to tell me that I wouldn’t amount to anything, they said to me; “it’s a good thing you’re pretty because thats all you have going for you”.  Yeah nasty right?!  But just like my clothes, I know that I will never wear that sweater but yet I still keep it.  I know that what that person said isn’t true but yet I still believe it.
Well it’s time baby girl to get rid of that sweater! It’s spring! It’s a new season! It’s time to remember that our value doesn’t depend on what others think of you, what they say about you, how they act towards you.  Your value is intrinsic and it’s not dependant upon how you look, what grade you get or what sports you play.  Your value is something on possessed before those things occurred in your life.
When an unwanted comment or action comes into your life, get rid of it right away!  This is a habit that has to be practiced over and over again, I’m still training myself and I’m 21!

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