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Tigris Girl Foundational Concepts - Tigris Girl
Worth & Significance ‘I am marvelously made’

The focus for these sessions is for each participant to understand that they are valuable. Their uniqueness is something to celebrate and they have been wonderfully made.

Strength & Resilience ‘I have the power of choice’

These sessions explore the power of choice and the power that decisions have on shaping a person’s future. This is addressed through practical sessions about feelings, willpower, resilience, convictions, boundaries and respect.

Purpose & Courage ‘I have a hope and a future’

Purpose is examined through exploring hopes, dreams and desires. Goal setting, discussions on potential and talents and practical activities are used to equip and build confidence to live out a purpose filled adventurous life.

Key Outcomes

The participants have achieved learning and motivational outcomes that form the foundation of the ultimate goal – A greater level of understanding about their personal self-esteem, emotional intelligence and purpose. These include:

  • Developed holistic personal and problem solving skills
  • Improved confidence and understanding of intrinsic value
  • Enhanced social support networks
  • Increased self-awareness and resilience
  • Capacity building with facilitators recruited, trained and resourced.

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