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Tigris Girl Shine Canada - Tigris Girl


Our Vision

To raise and inspire a generation of influential young women who find success in the confidence of knowing who they are. Women that will bring hope, freedom and justice to our developing world.

Our Mission

Shine Canada does this by building an influential organization, teaching and encouraging girls and women alike, their intrinsic value and equipping them to excel, dream and lead in every are of life.

Our Purpose

Reaching into the heart of society, Shine Canada seeks to invest into young girls in a crucial time of their lives where they are seeking to find who they really are. By providing them with resources to help them develop their personal, moral and intrinsic values on life and themselves. By impacting girls at a young age, they are able to go through life with a stronger foundation to make their own decisions and in the end be more effective global girls.

Our impact is beyond race, skin colour, appearance we champion every woman everywhere.

Through innovation and creativity, utilizing the internet and holding global classrooms, we connect girls from all corners of earth under one uniting vision.  This allows us to reach not only be deep but also far.

Every girl represents a community, and we take each community seriously. We want to see communities come together, and every neighbourhood say; “so and so came from my neighbourhood”.  We want every community to be inspired to reach higher and go farther. We support education and focus on building into the neighbourhood with school programs, after school and mentoring programs.

Whether employed or volunteering, we work as a team.  Our team is our greatest asset, they are the ones delivering the change, creating culture and developing people. Our team has influence which is an important responsibility and for that we are thankful for them!

“You’re becoming a girl you’ve never met.”  We encourage girls to become the girl they want to be and achieve the desires that are within their hearts.