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Tigris Girl Hydration Station - Tigris Girl

Hydration Station

It’s finally getting warm again, and summer is almost here! (YES!)  So in preparation for gorgeous summer days, laying in the sun, summer sports, picnics, beach days, and everything else that’s fun to do in the summer, let’s get a head start on taking care of our hair, skin and bodies by staying super hydrated!

Water is definitely the most important tool in keeping a healthy body. It’s good for your metabolism, keeps your skin clear and youthful looking, your mind sharp, is vital in flushing out toxins from your body (preventing you from getting sick), and overall body health. Drinking a whole bunch of water is always my first instinct, even when I feel a headache coming on.

Second, is keeping your skin hydrated, especially in preparation for the summer sun. SPF and moisturizers are key in preventing more harmful things in the future, from skin cancer down to the smallest wrinkles. I have very oily skin, so I was always hesitant to put more oily lotions on my face, but often dehydrated skin becomes more oily because your body is over compensating. It’s even important to put that SPF on your lips as well!

Finally hair. I’ve talked in the past about hair masks and moisturizing your hair, so again, dry hair becomes more brittle and breaks.  So to prevent those split ends, and have healthy shiny hair, hair masks and hydrating products are a good way to go (as well as haircuts!).

I posted a photo on instagram of all my favourite hydration products, so I’ll list them here if your interested, but it’s not important to spend lots of money on all the top end stuff, the important thing is just drinking lots of water, and being deliberate on how you spend your time in the sun!

Have fun beauties!

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Products I love – EOS Lip balm, Babylips lip balm with SPF 15, Sephora brand Instant Moisturizer (good for all skin types), Aveeno lotion (I also have Aveeno with SPF 30), Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger hair oil, and Mio, because my husband says I don’t drink enough water, so this makes it yummier!

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  1. Elaine
    May 6, 2015

    Great reminder Brittany. I never realy thought of going to water first, even for a headache, but yeah, makes sense. Thanks!


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