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Tigris Girl My healthy eating rules - Tigris Girl

My healthy eating rules

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 in Brittany, Inspiration | No Comments


I talked briefly about when and why I started getting into health and nutrition in my first post “about me”.
The following are my basic rules for clean eating, it’s not perfect, and may not be what you’ve read in the past, but this is what works best for me.

• Don’t count calories – reading the ingredients on labels and deciding to put only real food in your body is much more beneficial than stocking up on low cal process food that doesn’t fill you up, or give you the energy or nutrients your body needs.
• Stay away from flour – white flour specifically, but honestly I avoid most flours in general. This one is usually tough because a quick pasta or sandwich is a super easy option. Put meatballs and spaghetti sauce over quinoa or sweet potatoes, or lettuce wraps instead of bread. Once you know the rules, quick healthy substitutions become easier and easier.
• Sugar is the devil – this is the most important rule. Sugar is responsible for decrease in energy, increase of body fat and even bad skin. Disclaimer: some sugars and fats are good and necessary. The trick is to stick with natural sugars and fats, in fruits, eggs and avocados. Again, read ingredient labels and find out where the sugars are coming from. My general rule is not to eat anything with more than 10grams of sugar per serving. Substitute honey for sugar, and a snack of bananas and almond butter has the good sugars to give you a boost.
• Stock up on healthy snacks – if you don’t have healthy snacks in the house for those times your bored or looking for something fast you’ll end up eating something you maybe didn’t want to. Cut up fruit and put it in Tupperware for easy access. Healthy baking for me is a good way to beat boredom eating and have healthy snacks ready when I need them.
• Be social – don’t let your diet dictate your social life. Plan your cheat meals around social events, bringing your own healthy snacks could be a good conversation starter, or give yourself permission to break your schedule this one time. Be purposeful, but be true to yourself.

This all might seem really hard, and I struggled so much trying to implement these standards, I found myself yelling into my fridge that I didn’t have anything to eat. Knowledge is king in this fight, so if you have a question look it up. When you start to know what works and what doesn’t it becomes second nature after a while. My BIGGEST piece of advice:


If your struggling or having a bad day, and you find yourself eating a whole box of Oreos, allow it to happen! Guilt is a huge killer of determination, if you feel guilty for failing your more likely to give up. So let it happen, move on and try again!

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