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Habit Rabbit

Posted by on Mar 2, 2015 in Inspiration, Leadership, Uncategorized | No Comments
I was in Toronto in January and it was very cold outside (I mean it’s January and I was in Toronto, I didn’t expect anything else really).  My mom and I decided to take a little walk down lakeshore, on the ice covered lake.  After 15 minute we had to rush back to the car because our hands started freezing.  While out there we had snapped some pictures, so in the car I started editing.
I really like editing photos, I like bringing out the colours in photos, high lighting the beauty that is already within the picture.  I always use the same technique, contrast, exposure and then the same filter from vscocam.  With these combination my pictures all look the same.
In the car I was browsing through my feed looking at people that I follow on Instagram and what I like about their photos.  I tried to understand how they used high exposure but were still able keep such a crisp shot.  I wasn’t sure how to create this look so I resorted back to my normal routine and created a photo like many others.
As I was writing out my comment for the post, I decided to go back to my editing app and try something new.  WHAT? TRY SOMETHING NEW? TRY SOMETHING NEW?
I am a habit rabbit, I create habits and then I repeat and repeat.  Often, I reflect on my life and I’ll think about how I want to be better at “x”, or I want to start doing “y” but I never do.  Why?  I’m not in the habit of trying something new.
I can’t expect to have different results from my old habits.
If I want my photos have a different style I can’t keep applying the same editing techniques, I need to try something new.
This was the photo I created after I tried editing it differently.  Lots of negative space, bright over exposed colours but still sharp and beautiful to your eyes.
This week I challenge you to try something new.
I challenge you to look at something you’ve always wanted to accomplish and do it!
Create, build, sing, sketch, play, work.
Get in the Habit of Breaking Habits.

xx madyohhh

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