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Tigris Girl finding Purpose where you're Planted - Tigris Girl

finding Purpose where you’re Planted

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | One Comment

Hey Everyone!

Something I’ve been dealing with a lot is finding purpose where you’re planted.

Like I’ve said in the past, moving home from Australia was a really tough move for me.  Going from living with my best friends, growing, learning and living in the most beautiful city in the entire world.  I really changed in Australia, I changed for the better, I become my true self.  So leaving the city that I associated the biggest growth in my life was not easy.  Continually, this move was not by my own decision but was a result of a serious back issue.

Remembering what has happened in the past will help you shape your future.  The good the bad, there is a lesson in every season.  And it’s important for us to set goals for the future, to look forward with expectation, excitement and hope for the future.  Both of these are good, but it is not good to live in the past or future and miss the beauty of the now.

I want to be in Sydney.

I want to be in Toronto.

I want to be done high school.

I want to have a boyfriend.

I want…

I want…

I want…

If you are always wanting more you’ll never find contentment with what you have now.  If you’re not content you cannot find joy.  I wouldn’t want to live my life without joy.

Since my move home, I’ve been wrestling with finding my purpose where I’m planted.  But when you search to find what lessons are here now everything adds up.

Don’t miss out on your present because you’re looking to far behind or ahead.

Enjoy every little moment.

The weeks are long but the years are short.

There is purpose in your present.

1 Comment

  1. Hannah
    September 22, 2015

    Well said Mads! So agree.
    Life is a huge lesson in learning to be satisfied and yet grow in every little season.
    You’re a walking testament to living out every step of your present with purpose. So,
    So good.
    We definitely shouldn’t miss the “beauty in the now”.
    Love every word and love what you’re doing!


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