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Every Hour, Every Day, Every Week

This summer has been way busier than I ever expected!  With running shine, working full time, being a leader at my church, trying to have friends and e, f, g, h…. Everything else. It’s been busy.

During one particularly busy week, I literally had a dream where someone asked me if I could do something for them and I started yelling at them saying; “I CAN’T TAKE ON ONE MORE THING”. You know you’re busy when your sub-conscience is yelling at you 😐 But I’ve been loving it and am so blessed to be part of everything I’m a part of!

One thing I’ve been wrestling with is resting and resting well. Seriously, it’s so easy on my days off to fill that time with work or meetings, this and that and next thing I know, my day off was another work day. Rest should never be overrun by work, if it is you will most likely need to discipline yourself more (Talking to myself).

In my search for rest I took some time to discover what I love.  When it comes to resting I love three things; time by myself, coffee shops and adventures.  All of these help me to rejuvenate my spirit.  A book in a coffee shop, walks in the forrest by myself, and adventures to new places.  What do you love? 

One of my favourite moments this summer was when I was in LA with my sister Brittany, my brother Jordan and our friend Jordan (girl).  We drove to this beautiful winery in Malibu and spent the whole day picnicking and spending time together!  (See, adventures are totally my thing, you take me on an adventure and I’m sold!)

Heading into the fall season, here are some tips on how to rest every hour, every day & every week.

Every Hour

In hone hour of focused work, take 2 min to close your eyes and rest your brain.  Listen to a song, and celebrate your success this hour and what you accomplished.

Every Day

Find what you love and take 1hr to do it daily.  This will leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day!

Every Week

If you can’t take a full day off (which you should) every week, then carve out half of a day for you.  Spending time with friends and family and not working.  Just enjoying the memories and laughter.

Try new things and find what brings you joy and helps your to rest and distress then do it often!

“Taking proper care of yourself gives you the physical strength and mental wellbeing to tackle the demands of everyday life” – John Maxwell

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