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Decisions Determine Your Destination

Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Inspiration, Leadership, Madison, News, Quotes, Thoughts | One Comment

Every day is full of decisions.   As a matter of fact, I learned that the brain has to make 15000 decisions, just to digest dinner!  Dun dun dun dunnnnnn…
… Sometimes they’re super easy i.e. toast or cereal for breakfast? or wake up on time or sleep in an extra 15?(I always end up sleeping in ) sometimes they’re harder i.e. what are I going to wear tomorrow?(thats always tough for me) or what should I do with my life?

All decisions bring about negative and/or positive consequences.  I know that it can be hard to think about the future when you’re making decisions today, but the decisions you make today determine you’re destination in life.  I don’t mean what you’re going to wear but I mean the decisions that you wrestle with,  the ones you question, and revisit over and over again.  If you should go to that party, to the movies with that guy, where you’re going to go for uni or even if you’re going work hard on that assignment or wait until the last minute.  These are the decisions that are hard to make that you maybe avoid making.  You want to do one thing but then you know you should do the other.  Decisions… annoying.

Last week I wrote a few questions you should ask yourself before making big decisions, today I’m going to suggest to you two things;

1) Ask your self, Who do you want to be?  What do you want your life to look like? You’re becoming a girl you’ve never met.  Who is that girl? You have to power and the ability to create the future you want to live, it takes time a discipline but you already have it within you.   Take some time and create a collage board, with words and picturinquisitivewandereres that describe the vision you have for your life.

2) After figuring out who you want to be, making decisions becomes easier because you can just think “does this align with my life goals? will this bring me closer to becoming the girl I want to be?” But if you’re still stuck, write a PROS AND CONS LIST.   I know, I know… those are so old or thats what my mom told me to do.  I didn’t do these for the longest time, then I started doing them all the time and now I don’t have to write them out I can weigh the pros and cons in my head and make a good decisions without pen or paper.

Sometimes a decision will have more pros than cons and because of that you will choose that one, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have cons.

Life example; When I moved to Australia, that decision had more pros than cons for me, however, it still had cons! I didn’t see my family for a year, some of my Canadian friendships dwindled away etc etc.  Those were things I had to deal with at the time and things I am still working out now.

But thats the beauty of life and of growing up, you get to become to person you want to be!  So bring on those big decisions, you’ve got this!   Make the vision plain and chase after it!  You go girl xx


The photo is of me this past summer (WHY IS THERE SNOW OUTSIDE) in BC searching for the best view of an incredible river below.  

1 Comment

  1. Elaine
    March 27, 2015

    Great thoughts, Mady. Very true, one decision leads to the next and if it wasn’t a good one the consequences overtime could be bad news.


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