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Who are you? My name is Brittany Laine Wright.  I am a 25 year-old professional hair and make-up artist who currently lives in Los Angeles California.  I like reading, travelling and cooking!


What is your favorite animal? – I love lions, but really any big cats (tigers, leopards) and big fluffy puppies!


What was the best moment in your life? – The best moment of my life was when my very best friend in the whole world asked me to marry him, and then getting to marry him at my perfect, dream wedding!  A close second would have been when my two sisters and my best girl friends threw me the most thoughtful and amazing bachelorette, complete with a fairytale, breakfast themed garden party, cliff jumping (which I always wanted to do), then dinner and dancing.  It was seriously fun!


Where did you go to high school and what was your high school experience like? – I went to Medway High School in London, Ontario.   High school wasn’t my favourite time of life.  I was so painfully shy and insecure.  I was also very easily influenced, and therefore kind of molded myself to whoever I was hanging out with at the time.  I was lucky because about halfway through I realized that the people I hung out with were killing my self-esteem by constantly putting me down and I found friends who were better influences on me.


What is your blog called and why are you writing it? – I’m calling my blog ‘Take Care’ and it’s all about health and beauty. How we treat ourselves affects how we allow other people treat us.  I feel like it’s important to place value on ourselves by taking care of our bodies and not putting ourselves down.  Also, I know when I take care of myself, by eating healthy, staying active, and fun things like doing my hair and nails, it makes me feel good inside and out.


When did you start getting into health and nutrition? – One of my favourite quotes is by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”.  About five years ago I taped this quote to my bedroom mirror and decided to make some changes to be a more confident, secure woman.  One of these changes was how I treating my body.  I picked up a couple health and nutrition books, got some help from people that I know who are professional athletes and coaches, and started my journey to be a healthier person.


Do you have any goals for 2015? – I didn’t actually make any new years resolutions this year.  As a newlywed living in a new city (and country), I just want to explore this new season of my life, maintain a healthy marriage, take on this new adventure and have fun!
Any last comments? – Something I think is important to keep in mind when trying to start the journey to a healthy lifestyle, as well as many other aspects of life, is that it’s a journey.  If you fail or make a mistake, that’s okay!  It takes time to figure out what works for you, but keep trying and you’ll get there!

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