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When making big decisions…

Posted by on Mar 20, 2015 in Inspiration, Leadership, Madison, Thoughts | No Comments

We all know and love the song Mulan’s sang in the movie Mulan……Reflection.  Our hearts resonated with the words ‘who is that girl I see, starring straight back at me’, highlighted her struggle to find who she truly is, wrestling with the expectations of her family and the desires of her heart,

This is never an easy place, I’ve been here many times.  When I decided to move to Australia for school, many of my friends doubted me and one even said she didn’t think I would last longer than 6 months!  (I ended up staying there for almost 3 years! Thanks for the support babe.)  Moving to Aus was not an easy decision.

Daily we face choices that either draw us towards our created potential or pull us away.  What school should I attend for high school? Or uni? Should I continue with this sport, or the big one WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? (I ask myself that almost everyday)

When you are making those decisions here are 6 questions to ask yourself;

1. Is morally, legally and ethically right?

2. Will this take me further down the path of what I want to do or who I want to be in life?

3. What do people who I love and trust say about this? (Not just friends but parents, older family friends and maybe someone who has positively influenced you in the past.)

4. Will this decision cause me to grow?  (Does it scare me?)

5. When I see myself doing this, do I feel confident, excited, feel that this is where I belong?

6. Can I do this? (Mentally, financially, emotionally etc)

Mulan seemed secure in what she wanted to do, but not all of us do.  You have to understand when it comes to big decisions there will always be big consequences good or bad.  Like Mulan it takes brave spirit for your reflection to be who you are inside.

I’ll be writing on consequences of decisions the next post so stay tuned!

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This is me and my girl friend in the blue mountains in Aus in my first year of college down there.  

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